European Master's Course in Biomedical Engineering (CEMACUBE)


CEMACUBE is a European double degree Master’s programme in Biomedical engineering, running at the universities of Groningen, Ghent, Dublin, Aachen and Prague. Biomedical Engineering is a broad multidisciplinary area, involving many sub-specialisations, from regenerative medicine to implant design and from PET-scan imaging to biosensors. Combining the specialization of five universities, the CEMACUBE program can teach all fields in Biomedical engineering.

The CEMACUBE program is run in cooperation with many industrial partners, like the EIT Health members Philips, Medtronic and Siemens. This gives students an advantage when it comes to making the transition from academia to industry. 

Current-day medical practice increasingly relies on technology, such as microelectronics, information technology and mechanical and materials engineering. But technology can only improve health care when engineers and medical specialists work together. That is why CEMACUBE students are trained to work in those multidisciplinary project teams. BME is the perfect mix of technology and health care.  

Additionally, CEMACUBE provides students with skills to realise a medical device that can solve a medical problem. Students develop, in co-creation with stakeholders, including patients, medical professionals and members of the industry, prototypes and test them in real-life. They also create a business plan, prepare CE certification and patent applications. 


CEMACUBE is a two-year master’s (120 ECTS). 

During the first year, students follow courses in all Biomedical engineering subjects at one of the CEMACUBE universities. They also complete an internship and attend a summer school (July-August).

In the second year, studies take place at a partner university where students conduct a master’s project on their area of specialisation. 

After completion of the two- year programme, students receive a double degree, one from each university attended. 


You need to have a bachelor’s in Biomedical engineering, Chemical engineering, Electronical engineering, Mechanical engineering, or Applied physics.

In order to apply, please fill in and submit the application form and the additional documents listed on the CEMACUBE website: https://www.biomedicaltechnology.eu/index.php/apply-now

Applications for fall 2020 are open from 15 OCTOBER 2019 to 3 JANUARY 2020 

CEMACUBE graduates have been employed at the company where they performed their master’s project, like Philips or Siemens. Others continue as PhD-student. The EIT BEHealSy PhD-program is supporting them. Other students start a training to become a medical physicist at a hospital or start working as safety officer at a hospital and realise a safe implementation of new medical technology. 


Ghent University
Rijksuniversiteit Groningen
RWTH Aachen University
Trinity College Dublin
Mrs. Dr. Irma Knevel
Programme manager